A crisp and pure taste of buttery
and slightly salted caramel.

Popy's Mix
An irresistible combination
of salty and sweet!

Handmade using the perfect combination
of caramel and chocolate.

Chocolate CaramelCorn
A crisp and rich taste of caramelized chocolate.

Barbecue CheeseCorn
A delicious combination of cheddar cheese and barbecue spices.

Cinnamon Cookie
Buttery notes, with cinnamon and
cookie flavors.

Lovely lemony aromas with a crisp
buttery crunch.

Light and airy with a gentle orange flavor.

A rainbow of flavors and colors, with a perfectly balanced fruit flavor.

A wonderful combination of strawberries with slightly salted buttery caramel.

Wild Berries
A delicious fusion of tropical fruits with slightly salted caramel.

Macadamia CaramelCorn
Delicious caramel with pleasant notes
of roasted macadamia.

Freshly melted cheddar cheese over
hot air popped popcorn.

Cashew CaramelCorn
A crisp taste of slightly salted caramel
with freshly baked cashew nuts.

A wonderful combination of bananas
with slightly salted caramel.

Vegan CaramelCorn
A crisp taste of slightly salted caramel
with a strong taste of Greek pastel.

Spicy CheeseCorn
Freshly melted cheddar cheese combined with the perfect blend of spices.

Mixed Nuts CaramelCorn
A fantastic mix of flavors of four different caramelized nuts in perfect proportions.

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